DVDvilla 2022 – Latest Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed Movies Download

DVDvilla New Link 2022 dvdvilla.surf : Dvdvilla is also a pirated website. The use of which is absolutely restricted by the government. In this era of entertainment, how much money a person can spend to watch movies, new shows, web series.

Dvdvilla 2022 | Dvdvilla Bollywood Movies Download


Every second person in the society watches and likes movies. If we talk about the latest released films, then for this, a person becomes so excited after seeing its trailer that he buys tickets for the first show on the first day. For which he has to pay a lot of money.

Many people do not have enough time to go to theaters and watch movies. This article will prove to be very useful for those people who have lack of time. Also, they will not need to spend any money for this.

What is DVDvilla?

Dvdvilla is such a website, with the help of which we can download and watch any movie, movie of any language on our mobile phone for free. You do not even need to take any subscription or membership to use this website.

Through this Dvdvilla website, people can download all types of movies like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Hindi dubbed, south dubbed etc. absolutely free. All the newly released movies are also available on this Dvdvilla website.

What is DVDvilla? What are the alternatives to this website? Whether this is a legal website or not and whether it is virus free or not, we will tell you all these things and their answers in this article. To know all the information correctly and completely, you have to read this article completely.

What are the Features of DVDvilla.com 2022?

Dvdvilla website is a film website full of many good features. Due to its features, this website has such a large number of users. The characteristics of a website are the reason for its good rating or ranking.

The websites which will give good facilities to the person, the person will be attracted to use the same website.

  • All movies are available absolutely free on the Dvdvilla website.
  • To use this website, a person does not need to create any kind of account.
  • New release all movies are available on time on Dvdvilla website.
  • On this website, movies of all languages ​​are available to you, as well as foreign web-series, movies are also available.
  • The chances of Dvdvilla website being hacked are also very less compared to other websites.
  • The server of this website also works very well, due to which all the movies get downlaod in a very short time through this.
  • You do not even need to login and signup to download movies from the Dvdvilla website or proceed to its home page.
  • The language used on this website is very simple and simple, which makes it easy for its user to understand all the information available on the website.
  • The Dvdvilla website has remained on the internet for almost five years, that too with a good rating and ranking.

Is it safe to use?

In the introduction of this article, we have told you that this is a pirated website. The use of such pirated content has been banned by our Government of India. Because through this the people around us can be in danger, due to which they can also suffer financial loss.

Pirated website violates our law Anti-piracy law. Using it can also put you in great danger. If you are caught using it, you may also be jailed and may have to pay a fine.

How to download movies using Dvdvilla [step-by-step guide]?

The process of downloading movies from Dvdvilla website is very simple. You can easily download all the content on this website, whether it is web-series or TV shows etc. Below we will tell you by following which steps you can downlaod movies through this website.

  • First of all you have to search for the live link of this website.
  • You have to type www.dvdvilla.com in the search box of your mobile phone’s browser or chrome application.
  • After searching, the home page of this website will open on your screen.
  • On the search box given on the home page, the person has to type the name of the movie of his choice.
  • As soon as the person types the name of the movie of his choice, the film’s icon/poster will appear on the screen.
  • Below the icon you will see two options for downloading and streaming.
  • According to his convenience, a person can choose any of the two given options and watch the movie video.

Legal and Illegal Alternatives to Dvdvilla Websites

In this point of the article, we will tell you about more such websites which a person can use to download movies. All these websites are pirated websites like Dvdvilla.

Taking care of you, we will also tell you about some legal alternatives in this point below. With the help of which you can easily downlaod movies, shows. By using this you will not get into any serious problem.

Alternatives to illegal websites:-

Alternatives to Legal Websites:-

  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. Disney Hotstar
  3. Hotstar
  4. Jio Cinema
  5. MX player
  6. Net Flix
  7. Popcorn Flix
  8. Prime Flix
  9. Sony LIV
  10. Sony crunch
  11. Voot
  12. Voot kids
  13. Zee5

You may also need some money to use the option of legal websites given above, but paying this money is better than taking the risk that a person takes by using these pirated websites. Anyway, the amount of these paid memberships is very less, less than the tickets of theaters movies.

Is Dvdvilla legal or illegal?

Dvdvilla website is not only an illegal website but also a person may have to suffer many losses due to its use. These losses can be financial as well as personal and documents can also be stolen.

By using such pirated content, our Copyright Act 1957 is violated. For breaking/violating that person can be given the harshest punishment by the government. Such a website does not even have any copyright license.

Many times these websites are blocked or completely banned by the Government of India, but their admins change their domain and activate their links again. By which these websites show on searching.

film category available on this website

In the features of Dvdvilla, we talked about movie categories that there are many movie categories available on this website, below we will tell you the names of those movie categories:

  1. Animated Movies
  2. Bollywood Movies
  3. Chinese Hindi dubbed Films
  4. Hindi Dubbed Films
  5. Hollywood movies
  6. Horror Movies
  7. Hot short Films
  8. Kids Cartoons
  9. Korean Hindi dubbed Films
  10. Latest release Movies
  11. Most Searched Films
  12. Romantic Films
  13. South Indian Films
  14. Sports Movies
  15. Technology related Films

DVDvilla Live Link 2022

Due to changing their domains many times, the users of this website are not able to locate its active link. The need to change the domain is repeated by the admins because these websites are blocked or completely banned when the government detects these websites.

dvdvilla.org dvdvilla.cyou
dvdvilla.me dvdvilla.com
dvdvilla.net dvdvilla.in
dvdvilla.pro dvdvilla.club

Live links and popular searches of this website

To reduce your trouble, we have provided you the list of live links of this website below:

  • dvdvilla.me
  • dvdvilla.net
  • dvdvilla.org
  • dvdvilla.pro

Popular searches for Dvdvilla website:-

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APK Name DVDvilla
File Size 9 MB
Languages Hindi, English, Telegu, Tamil
App Version Latest
Downloads 50,000,000

Film formats available on DVDvilla website

We have also talked about film formats in the features of Dvdvilla above in this article. Many formats of downloading movies are made available to the users on this website. Here we will tell you about those formats.

  • PreDvdRip
  • Pre DVD
  • Mp4
  • Mp3
  • HDRip
  • HD Video
  • Full HD
  • BlueRay
  • 480p
  • 360p

What is the reason for the Dvdvilla website being so popular among the people?

The reason for such popularity of the Dvdvilla website is its modern features available on the website. One gets to watch and download all kinds of movies at one place. Also, the quality of movie videos available on this website is also very good as compared to other film websites.

Neither do you need to create an account for the use of this website, nor do you need to enter/enter any personal information such as mail ID, mobile number, any kind of identity card.

What are the leaked movies by Dvdvilla website?

As we told that all types of movies are available on Dvdvilla website latest as well as famous movies. We will tell you about the leaked movies through this website.

  • Baaghi 2
  • Bell Bottom
  • Detective Meals Chain
  • Good Newzz
  • Kadaram Konadan
  • Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithal
  • Kuroop
  • Madhuri talkies
  • Oh My Kadavule
  • Saaho
  • Strain Cooker
  • Venom


By writing on the subject of this Dvdvilla website, we do not support any such pirated website. Nor stop you from using these websites. Our country is a democratic country. Where everyone has the right to use the things of their choice and enjoy.

But through our article you must have also understood that the use of this website is a criminal and illegal activity. For which you can also be punished by law.


By this article we have clearly given you all the information about Dvdvilla website. We have also told you in this article how you can use this website. Hope you liked this article and found it helpful to you. If you have some suggestions related to the Dvdvilla article or you want to ask any question from us, then definitely ask in the comment section.


Is Dvdvilla virus free website?

This website may not be completely virus free, many adds are also seen on these websites. Using these websites can also cause problems like hang in your phone. But it is not visible to all users every time.

This Dvdvilla website can be used by people of all ages?

Persons of all ages can use this website. But in an illegal way because not all movies and videos are for people of all ages, there is age restriction on those videos. But this website provides the option of all those movies, shows, videos to the users.

What is the APK size of Dvdvilla website?

The file size of this website is only 9 MB (Mega Byte). And its downloads are also about fifty thousand.

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