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Filmymeet movie download links 360p 480p 720p :, welcome to pakainfo. Today I will tell you about Filmymeet com, Filmymeet in, Filmymeet movies download website. To know everything, read this article till the end.

I am very fond of watching movies since childhood. I keep trying different websites, apps and ott platforms from where movies and web series can be downloaded. Recently I came across filmymeet movie download website from where any movie can be downloaded for free.

Today I will tell you about it, how you can download, is it legal or illegal to download from here and from where you can really download movies.

So let’s know Filmymeet movie download. If you like this article, then definitely share it with your friends so that they can also download the movie and enjoy it.

Filmymeet movies 2022 Download

filmymeet movie blog
filmymeet movie blog

On Filmymeet you can watch all types of movies like latest trending hollywood tamilblasters, bollywood, english, marathi, gujarati, tamil filmygod, bhojpuri, telugu, korean, hindi dual audio etc. In this, along with movies, one can also watch web series, TV shows, serials. It will get content in different qualities like HDcam, 360p, 480p, 720p, or HD.

To download the movie, there are just 2 requirements that your phone should have storage space and should have good internet speed. You can download as many movies as you want, watch again and again and share with your friends.

According to the stats of this website, 40,000- 50,000 people come here every day to watch or download movies, which means it is a trustworthy site.

Here you can watch Hindi Dubbed english movie, 1080p korean movie, Korean, marathi, urdu, punjabi movies, tamil movies, Turkish drama, TV shows, video songs.

Filmymeet cc overview

Filmymeet is an Indian pirated movie website. Leaked movies are shared on this website which is banned by the Indian government. There are two main reasons for this-

Leaked movies are distributed on Filmymeet, which causes a lot of damage to the people who make movies and can also affect the security of your phone. Secondly, downloading a movie from here is a violation of copyright law, which states that only the content creator has the right to distribute the content.

full movie download filmymeet
full movie download filmymeet

According to the law of copyright, only the person who has made a video, movie, photo, article has the right to share his content. Or he can order others to share his content, but if someone shares any content without his permission then it is a legal crime.

That man does not have his right but still does so by which he gets punished. Not only the person who shared the movie, but the one who downloads the movie from these websites can also be punished.

If you make a youtube video or write an article which is made with a lot of hard work, then you also do not want any other person to share it in his name and not give you any credit. You would not want that person to steal your content and earn money, along with your video will get less views and you will suffer.

Other websites like Filmymeet constantly share leaked movies.

Millions of people download these movies in their phones so that no one goes to watch movies by paying money on cinema hall or ott platform.

Due to this, the person, actors, actress, directors, produces, artists, composers, writers, designers, etc., who have made a movie with hard work and a lot of money, that movie flops and gets into debt.

Due to this reason, many production companies fall into losses and many people’s money is lost. To avoid this, the police are engaged in catching hackers and people involved in movie leaks. Like tamilrockers is a popular hacker group in India that leaks movies.

movie download filmymeet
movie download filmymeet

It takes 50-60 crores to make a movie. When movies leak, all this money gets lost. Leave the profit, even that much money cannot be made.

The chance of leaking movies occurs when the movie is recorded at the premiere or launch and divided into qualities like Camrip, DVDrip, HDrip. Or before getting the movie review done in the movie board, the copy is done. Because of these reasons, getting content from leaked movies websites is a crime.

Therefore the link of these sites also keeps changing. When the government comes to know about their links, they have started the process of banning it, but by then they transfer all their data to the next website, so the same website has different names like ,,, etc.

Now you must be thinking that why do these people download and leak these movies by taking so much risk? What will be the benefit to them?

You must have seen many ads on such website. These are called sponsor ads. The company that sees it in the ad is doing its marketing. Like I mentioned above that 40,000-50,000 people visit these websites every day, then those companies market their products to the people.

These websites get a lot of money for showing ads. By reaching a download link, you see 15-20 ads. Then you are also sent to another website. The website on which the movie is linked mostly has information related to financial policies. When ads come on these topics, the website owner gets a lot of money.

When a new movie is leaked then even more people come. Similarly, the website earns revenue.

Filmymeet com review

It is easy to download movies from Filmymeet website. It has fewer ads in comparison to other websites and you can quickly access the download link.

If you go on vpn then you will be able to download the movie easily because no hacker or scammer will be able to track you. As soon as you open the website, you will get a lot of random movies, from which you can choose any. Or you can search above.

One thing that is not good about this website is that it is difficult to find the same movie in many languages. All the movies are mostly in Hindi but if a person wants to watch that movie in English also then it will not happen. Also some movie download links are broken here which shows error.

There are 2 ways to download movies on this website – watch movies online and direct download. Telegram download and torrent download are also available on many websites.

Its interface is clean and it is easy to search the movie. You will not get confused on any step. It has many latest, popular and movies in different languages ​​but the same movie is not in different languages. The great thing about this website is that till date I have not seen the option of online watching on any other website.

In which I have seen, there are many ads in it, but you can easily see online on this website.

Steps have been given to download the movie on the website so that people can be easy and if you do not get any movie/web series/serial then you can also request it.

Features of Filmymeet

Due to the different features of Filmymeet, people download movies on it again and again. The advantages of this website are-

  1. Here you can watch movies, web series, serials for free.
  2. Movies are available in different languages.
  3. Can download in different quality.
  4. You can easily watch online as compared to other websites.
  5. You can take advantage of privacy by turning on Vpn.
  6. The interface of this website is clean and it is a fast website.
  7. You can request any movie.
  8. There are movies in different categories like action, adventure, comic, thriller, mystery, etc.

how to download filmmeet movie?

If you want to download movies from Filmymeet then you will get 2 ways. Before downloading the movie, you must have Vpn ON otherwise a scammer or hacker can access your phone. This is my personal experience – the phone can be hacked if you download something from here. So keep the vpn on.

Using Vpn hides your phone’s location and identity. By entering the location of any other country, your location will be set there. With this scammer or hacker will not be able to reach you.

There are some good vpn apps on Play Store- Vpn apps list. First turn on the VPN, then download the movie and then turn it off.

To download movie-

  1. You have to open the website.
  2. Search your favorite movie or web series.
  3. Click on the movie then you will see all its information. Going down you will see many download links.
  4. There will be 3-4 arrow buttons on which download will be written. Ignore them. Just click on the link which is written small in the roop of text.
  5. Now you will reach another website. First of all it will be written Click To Verify. By clicking on it you will have to wait for few seconds.
  6. Now a button will appear Double Click To Generate Link. Click on it then wait for sometime and click on Download Now button.
  7. Now you will reach a website where there will be an option to play the movie or you can also download it.
    Now understand these methods in brief.

1. Direct Download

When you search for your favorite movie on the website, you will get maximum 2 movie links only. One 400-500mb file and another 800-900mb file. Choose any of these two.

Filmymeet movie download-

  1. By pressing on the link, you will reach another website where you have to verify and generate the link.
  2. Then you will reach the next website from where you will be able to download.
  3. After downloading, make sure to confirm in which location you want to download the file.
  4. If you click on an ad even once before reaching the movie link, then you have to repeat all the steps.

2. Watch online

This is a good feature of this website that you can actually watch it online as compared to other websites. In other websites, there is an option to watch online, but the video is never open.

To watch online-

  1. Open the website, click on the movie.
  2. Then the movie details will come click on the download link below.
  3. Then verify the link, generate and you will reach another website.
  4. You can watch movies online in it. You can pause-continue at any time.
  5. There are also 2 more ways to download movies which are used on every other website but are not on this site.

3. Telegram channel

Download 100 crore+
Size 75 MB
Rating 4.3⭐
Cost/ Price Free
Platform Google Playstore
Developer Telegram FZ- LLC

Telegram channels are groups on the Telegram app in which movie links are sent. Not only movie links, you can get games, web series, apps, videos, photos, apks and much more from here for free.

Their advantage is that not a single ad has to be faced and the direct movie download link is shared. Many movies are added in m day.

In this way you can join the channels of many different websites. You cannot find these channels by searching in telegram, you can join them only from the invite link which are present on the websites. This is because these are private channels.

If movies are put on private channels, then there is no copyright strike, but if a movie is put on public channels, then a copyright strike is imposed on it, due to which the channel gets banned.

To download a movie, first you have to download telegram-

  1. Do a telegram search on the Google Play Store.
  2. Download Telegram app, its original app is 75 MB, and Telegram X is its smaller version which is less storage but works the same.
    Its interface is like whatsapp. In this, any telegram group of the world can be searched in the search box, except for the private channel.

You can watch direct movie files on these channels or download them through links.

4. Torrent download

Torrent is a way in which large files whose size is in GB can be downloaded in a few minutes. In this way you can download any game, movie, app, apk, songs in no time.

Usually when you download something, it comes in a single file, but in the way of torrent, that file is divided into thousands of pieces, then all those parts are downloaded at the same time so that the whole file can be downloaded in a short time. She goes.

To download a movie in this way, you have to go to a torrent website and copy the link from there. Then paste that link in the torrent app.

Best torrent downloader apps-

  • uTorrent classic
  • Bittorrent

Best torrent websites-

  • 1337x
  • The Pirate Bay

Leaked movies download

As soon as a movie is leaked, it can be seen on Filmymeet. Then millions of people start watching that movie. But I am telling you again that watching such leaked movies is a legal offense, I have also given a disclaimer below.

Before downloading Leaked movies, always keep in mind that your identity is hidden and your phone is always safe. For this, you should always keep VPN on and avoid virus attack or malware attacks through any antivirus app. The pop up ads that you see on the websites before downloading the movie.

By accidentally clicking on any of them, trojan malware can enter your phone. It can happen to anyone. This will blow away all your data. Your phone can also be hacked by downloading just one file. This is my personal experience. For this use antivirus apps which are available for free in google play store. Like Avg Security, Avast Antivirus, One booster etc.

Filmymeet movie formats

About all the movie formats in the Filmymeet movie website, from which you can choose any. Different categories, qualities, dubbings, sizes will be seen in this. like-

  1. 720p
  2. 480p
  3. 360p
  4. 1080p
  5. Dual audio
  6. Hindi dub, telugu dub, tamil dub, punjabi dub, bhojpuri dub
  7. Hollywood, bollywood, tollywood, punjabi, marathi, gujarati, bangla, telugu, korean, kannada, rajasthani, assamese, malayalam, bhojpuri, urdu, chinese, turkish, tamil
  8. PC Movies, mobile, laptop movies, tab movies
  9. DVDRip, HDRips, DVDScr, Pre-DVDRip, WeB-HDRips, HEVC 720p, blu ray formats
  10. Horror, motivational, documentary, action, sports, war, adventure, sci-fi, musical, thriller, comic, fantasy, historic, etc.
    It also has short films, videos, movies, serials, drama, TV shows, etc.

FilmyMeet: Is It Illegal Downloading Movies?

Yes, Filmymeet is completely illegal as it shares pirated content. Pirated content means stolen content which they do not have permission to share. There are also many proxy links in its name which are all illegal.

All such websites on which free movies are shared are illegal. Its other links like,,, are all unsafe. This is the reality of Filmymeet.

Filmymeet com download

There are many websites by the name of Filmymeet. All these are considered proxy links and all of them are illegal.

If you download movies regularly then you must have seen these sites before. To avoid the police, the developers of this site frequently change its name so that they cannot be caught.

These are the links-

  1. Filmy god
  2. Filmymeet cab
  3. Filmymeet cam
  4. Filmymeet cool
  5. Filmymeet life
  6. Filmymeet
  7. Filmymeet
  8. Filmymeet space
  9. Filmymeet wap
  19., Filmymeet how

Filmymeet in latest movies download list

New movies are added daily in Filmymeet. You can also request a movie. I have told you above about their formats and how to download them. Below is the list of some of its popular and latest movies. You can take the suggestion of the next movie from this list.

  • The Great Indian murder
  • Texas chainsaw messages
  • Suryavanshi
  • Shiddat
  • Pushpa
  • Love story
  • Loop lapeta
  • Irudhi pakkam
  • Ice age
  • Gehrai yahan
  • Enemy
  • Chhori
  • Bachelor
  • Atrangi re
  • Article 15
  • Army of Thieves
  • Aquaman
  • Akhanda
  • After we fell
  • A Thursday

Along with movies, the latest and trending web series and shows will also be available on Filmymeet. You can download all their eisodes. You will get 2 quality types for every episode on Filmymeet – in 1gb and 500mb. Some famous web series are-

  • All of us are dead
  • Best seller
  • Dark desire
  • Diabolical
  • Fame game
  • Filmymeet vikings
  • Friends
  • Human
  • Last kingdom
  • Lost in space
  • Peaky blinders
  • Riverdale
  • Shark tank india
  • Star trek: Picard
  • The guardians of justice
  • The silent sea
  • The wheel of time
  • What if

Filmymeet website link

To reach the original website of Filmymeet, write filmymeet in google and the website which will be at the top is mostly the original website.

As soon as you enter it, you will see random latest movies. If you click on a movie, then a search box will come inside in which you can search any movie. For now the link of this website is This will also change in no time.

Filmymeet com alternate websites

There are many websites like 33Filmymeet like filmyzilla, 7starhd etc. If you fail to download a movie from Filmymeet, then you can take the help of these websites. Like Filmymeet, these websites are also banned by the government.

You must have heard the name of these websites before. This is a list of some websites out of many sites. The alternate movie websites of Filmymeet are-

Pagalworld Extramovies Filmywap
MLSBD Hindilinks4u 7star hd
TamilMV SkymoviesHD YifyTV
YTS Vega movies Pro RdxHD
Isaimini The Pirate Proxy The Moviesflix
DownloadHub Worldfree4u Kuttymovies
PrMovies KatMovieHD Movierulez
9xflix 123MKV Moviesflix
Bolly4u Filmy4wap XYZ Gomovies
MKVKing UwatchFree Movie4me
Filmyzilla TodayPK Tamilrockers
FMovies Cinemavilla Filmygod

Filmymeet in legal alternate websites

Apart from these websites, there are also ways from where you can download movies legally. By downloading from here, your phone will be absolutely safe and there will be no need to hide your identity. Some methods have to be paid and some methods are free. Most of these methods you must have adopted or know before.

Free Methods

Telegram channels

You will get most of the movies from Telegram. It works like whatsapp but in this you can search public channels and chats from all over the world. Very nice app on which you can chat. Millions of people can come in its group and new movies and web series are added daily. Here you can find everything games, anime, songs, adult videos.

In this, you have to sign up through your number and search for your favorite movie. Then the names of similar groups will appear. In them you can direct delha or download the movie. From the group that has more members, you can guess that it is a more trustworthy group.


  • Here movies are available in different format, quality and language.
    Movie download is free.
  • You can join multiple channels in which new movies will be added daily.


  • Many times a copyright strike takes place in public grouse because telegram blocks that content. That’s why you have to change the channels again and again.
  • Its solution is that you join private groups in which there is never a copyright strike. This is because telegram cannot see the data of private channels. But these groups can be joined only through invite links which are available on movie websites.

2. Vidmate

Size 25 MB
Rating 4.0⭐
Cost/ Price Free
Platform Android
Developer Vidmate

Vidmate app has become very popular nowadays. It works like youtube. You have to search the name of a movie, game, video, picture in the search box and it will show you everything related to it, many people watch movies in this way.

Together you can also watch shows, 18+ videos, drama, tv serials, web series, etc. Apart from just written content, you will get everything here.

You will not be able to download it from play store as it is against its policies. But you can download it as apk from its official website from google chrome.

This app is safe but it has many warnings from google play. Its advantage is that it downloads faster than youtube and shows less ads than that.

Together you can copy and paste the link of any youtube, facebook, instagram video and then download it in multiple qualities and size. Then it will be saved in the video gallery. You can download it directly from the link given below.


You can download in multiple quality and size.
You can also watch live shows and TV serials in it, that too for free.
You can also watch tiktok videos in this.
It downloads very fast.


In this app, obscene ads come again and again, due to which it is not beneficial for children to use it.
Despite downloading the update of the latest version, a warning comes in it that update the app version.
There is a lot of warning from the Play store that this app is unsafe.

Download Android

3. Animixplay

Size 9 MB
Rating 4.9⭐
Cost/ Price Free
Platform Android
Developer AnimixPlay

AnimixPlay is a good website for watching anime where you will find almost all anime and that too for free. Like pokemon, naruto, attack on titans, dragon ball Z etc.

You will find different categories of anime in it. Nowadays the trend of anime is increasing in the world and people have the craze to watch it. You can come to this website and see it in different dubbing. But there is no Hindi in it yet.

The new shows or episodes that come are added to it at the same time. Every day 18-20 lakh people visit this website which means this site is very popular and trustworthy.

Its good thing that you do not have to see big ads in it and can also use external players like mx player. You can pause-continue watching any episode, in which your last watched episode is saved. As soon as you open its site, an app download request will come.

Then that app will come on the homescreen of your mobile. In this, you can choose features like video quality, speed, autoplay.


All new and old anime will be found in it.
It does not contain ads.
They are seen on it as soon as new episodes air.


This app has so many anime and such good quality freckles, it would have been nice if there were movies and shows too.
Download Android

Jio cinema/Xstream

Jiocinema and Airtel Xstream app are one of the top ott platforms in India. Thousands of movies, web series, drama, shows, serials, live matches, short films etc. will be found on them. These have different categories of movies and shows, and have become very popular for providing multiple languages. People download them from every corner of India and enjoy movies.

You can download these apps only if your phone has jio or airtel sim. These can be downloaded for free from Google play store and you have to sign up with your number. As soon as you open the app, you will see a variety of random movies, web series and shows. You can find your favorite movie in the search box above.

The movies you download in these apps cannot be saved in the gallery, they will remain in you.

You will also find marvel movies on Jiocinema which are rarely seen on any other ott platform. You can watch them for free if you have jio sim. On the other hand, only a few movies can be seen for free on the airtel xtream app. Apart from this, you have to take a paid subscription to watch it.

Airtel xtream has less movies than Jiocinema. On both these apps you will find many categories horror, crime, action, adventure, comedy, etc.

Download Android

Paid Methods


There are paid apps like netflix, amazon prime, hotstar, etc. It is one of the best ott platforms in the world. Netflix was born even 2 years before google. Today it is used by millions of people.

Most of the people watch it by sharing it with friends. Recently its rates have been reduced in India so that a person can see it comfortably.

Here new movies, web series, tv shows are continuously added. Some movies are launched here directly because its craze has gradually increased a lot. People are now shifting from cinema hall and tv to netflix, amazon prime.

Hotstar is India’s born ott platform which gained popularity in a very short time. Now it is in partnership with disney and millions of people watch shows and live matches on it everyday.

It is so famous because it provides content in different languages ​​so that people from every corner of India can watch their favorite shows here. It has upgradable vip plans from which you can watch new popular releases or top grossing movies.

Amazon prime is also very popular in India. Here you will find some great movies and web series like harry potter, bhuj, mirzapur. You can take yearly and monthly subscriptions. You can also take Amazon prime membership with jio recharge for free.


Cds and DVDs are now only used for games. Earlier it was used for movies and songs. Due to the advent of technologies like cloud storage and pen drive, their trend has gone.

Earlier it was expensive to buy DVD for every single movie. As much as a CD used to come, now you can take a month’s Netflix subscription, on which you can watch as many movies or shows as you want.

Cinema hall

Cinema halls are becoming very expensive due to which people no longer like to go to them. Now cinema halls are hot only on the day of release date. People go here to enjoy the big screen fun with their friends and family.

Nowadays cinema hall gets the best sound and picture quality, 3D, 5D feel and moving experience is also available.

Even eatables in these can not be taken inside. Because of so many rules, people no longer watch movies in cinema halls.


TV is still used a lot. All the family members enjoy watching it in the evening. It is almost a boat installed in every house. Nowadays TVs are also the hallmark of a luxury like LED TVs.

There are some good TV box operators – tataplay, fastway, dishtv, airtel digital, DD free dish in which you can select your favorite channels and fill their money only.


In all the above information, I cautioned you to download from these websites. By downloading movies from them, you become a criminal. I do not encourage or encourage any person to download movies from here.

So this information is only for educational purposes. All websites like Filmymeet are banned by the government and I would advise you not to visit them.

That’s why the name of these websites keeps changing frequently. The reasons for their ban are-

  1. People making movies from websites like Filmymeet have a lot of trouble. The entire movie flops, the production company goes into debt and there is a loss of many crores. The hard work of all the actors, directors, artists, writers etc. goes waste.
  2. Websites like Filmymeet share content to others without rights without permission. Due to which there is a violation of cinematography and copyright act.
  3. Downloading movies from pirated websites is a crime not only on the website owner but also on the people who download the movie. That’s why many people use vpn.
  4. There are spam ads on such websites which can put the security of the phone at risk.

Better than this I would advise you to watch and enjoy movies through paid or free legal ways. Do not download from here and do not share with anyone. So this article is for educational purposes. We should not watch movies from these websites but by fair means.


I hope you have got to learn a lot from this and understand Filmymeet, etc.

If you liked this article, then you must definitely share it with your friends.

Today we learned-

  • Fillymeet movies, Filymeet
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  • Filmymeet 2
  • Filmymeet 2021, Filmymeet 2022
  • Filmymeet in
  • Filmymeet movie
  • Filmymeet movie download
  • Filmymeet new website
  • Fimlymeet,
  • www Filmymeet com

How was your experience, you can share it in the comment box below and if you have any doubt or problem then you can ask or email me in the comment box below.

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Right now the link to the original website of filmymeet is, after a while this link will also change.

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