Guest Post Rules in 2022

Guest Post Rules

Before submitting any of your guest post on guest posting sites blog with Guest Post Rules, you should read the rules given here and if you fully agree with them then you are welcome to make guest post on guest posting sites blog.

Guest Post Rules
Guest Post Rules

-: Rules For Guest Post :-

Guest Post Content Tips

1. Your guest post should not contain any kind of copyrighted content.
2. Your guest post should be of minimum 1200+ words.
3. Make sure there are no grammar mistakes in the post.
4. You will not be given more than one backlink in each guest post. That’s why you put the backlink only once in the post at the appropriate place.
5. Do not include any kind of fake links like affiliate links in the post.
6. After publishing the post on, you should not publish it on your own or any other website.
7. Your guest post can also be edited as required before publishing.
8. Your post should be related to the category of Guest Posting Sites blog.

How to find websites that accept guest posts?

Here are some search terms that you can use to find websites and blogs that accept guest posts.

  1. “accept guest post” + “keyword”
  2. “become a contributor” + “keyword”
  3. “become a guest blogger” + “keyword”
  4. “contribute to our site” + “keyword”
  5. “contributing writer” + “keyword”
  6. “guest article” + “keyword”
  7. “guest blogger” + “keyword”
  8. “guest post submission guidelines” + “keyword”
  9. “guest posting guidelines” + “keyword”
  10. “guest posts wanted” + “keyword”
  11. “guest post” + “keyword”
  12. “startup funding” + “keyword”
  13. “submit blog post” + “keyword”
  14. “submit content” + “keyword”
  15. “submit guest post” + “keyword”
  16. “submit news” + “keyword”
  17. “submit post” + “keyword”
  18. “submit your content” + “keyword”
  19. “this is a guest post by” + “keyword”
  20. “this is a guest post” + “keyword”
  21. “want to write for” + “keyword”
  22. “write for us” + “keyword”

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