what is guest posting?

what is guest posting? Why is Guest Blogging Important? guest posting is by definition placing an article or content onto a website which is owned by someone else ideally in the same field of interest or niche as your own website

  • the point of guest posting is basically to
  • increase the number of themed one-way backlinks from authority sites to your own site
  • creating targeted traffic
  • An increase in search engine positions for your own site

this in turn means more visitors and sales

Guest Post or Guest Blogging

Technology Guest Posting Sites
Technology Guest Posting Sites

If you are reading this post, then two things are clear, you are aware of the world of blogging and are working hard to advance your blog, only then have you come to this article. Today we will talk to you in detail about Guest Post or Guest Blogging.

  1. What is Guest Post?
  2. What are the benefits of Guest Blogging?
  3. How to do Guest Post?

what is guest posting?

Guest article i.e. Guest Posting does not require that you run any website or blog, you can also reach your point to other people through any other website provided your point is justified, you keep full information about it and with It should not have been copied from anywhere.

But .. If you are the owner of a website and do guest blogging on another website, then you get a high rank in the search engine and Do Follow or NoFollow Backlink from that website which is very useful for your website.

Not only this, you also bring the traffic of that website to your website as well as you also have a different identity that you join XYZ website.

If you understand in a few words, a guest post is such an article that we publish on the website of others with our name and web link. From which we get some traffic of that website.

How to write Guest Blogging Post?

  1. Select a topic related to your blog for Guest Blogging Post. For example, if your blog is related to cooking, then find blogs related to cooking.
  2. Keep in mind, you have to write Guest Post always unique. Do not copy anything from anywhere.
  3. After finding the topic, do Keyword Research and think of the best title.
  4. After all these steps, start writing articles, instead of focusing on the length of your article, prepare a quality article.

Benefits of Guest Blogging?

More and more people can be reached through Guest Blogging. This is a platform from which you can make your mark and keep your point in front of everyone, whether you are a blogger or not.

  1. If you are a blogger then your blog is easily promoted.
  2. Through this you get backlinks on your website which is useful for ranking.
  3. If there is less traffic on your blog, then through Guest Post you can bring traffic of other website.
  4. By Guest Blogging, you improve your Writing Skills.
  5. You have good relations with other bloggers.

Guest Posting Sites ?

Now the question is bound to come in your mind that which are Guest Posting Sites? How to find Guest Posting Sites? So for this, guest posting can be done easily keeping in mind some of the points given below.

  1. For guest posting, first of all we have to see the website related to our topic which accept guest posting. There are thousands and millions of websites and blogs on the Internet, so only need to find them.
  2. Make a list of other blogs related to your blog and keep asking them all for guest posts.
  3. After finding the website, you should take permission from the owner or admin of that website to guest post on that topic. Keep in mind, it is not even necessary for everyone to accept guest blogging, so you must ask before writing the article.
  4. After getting permission, you must read the rules of Guest Blogging on their website and then start working on your article and keep in mind that before sending your article, you must read it again so that no one reaches your mistake on that website.

how do you guest post?

well there are two options the first option is you can do it yourself this basically entails finding relevant guest post opportunities with sufficient authority checking that they accept guest posts reading the relevant submission guidelines and then write a guest post.

and submitting alternatively you can let us do it for you

we can find the relevant Authority websites within your particular niche we can then write a professional article which meets the criteria of the website and submit it.

on your behalf this saves you time and money

summary – what is guest posting?

we will find authority sites within your particular niche using PageRank and C Moz ranking factors we will then review the specific criteria and submission guidelines and write a professional high quality article that will be accepted by the guest pros website and provide you with all of the benefits to find out more visit us at you.

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