Everything You Need to Know about Guest Post in 2022

Guest Post: Friends, Guest Post is a reliable way to create a backlink of the website. If you are working in the field of blogging then you will know about the importance of backlinks and guest post is very helpful in creating backlinks of the website.

If you also want to know about what is guest post and what are the benefits of guest posting, how to write guest post and how to find good guest posting websites, then definitely read this article completely. Here we will also give you Guest Posting Website List so that you can easily do Guest Posting.

What is Guest Post?

Guest Post, which we also call Guest Blogging / Guest Posting, is the act of writing content for another blog / website. When we post a contact on any other blog for the purpose of increasing traffic to our blog, then it is called Guest Post and the website on which we post content is called Guest Post.

It is called Guest Post because we post on another person’s blog by writing content like a guest. We cannot write guest post on all websites. Guest blogs are run by only a few people that we need to find.

Benefits Of Guest Post

Our website benefits a lot by guest posting. We are sharing these benefits with you.

1. increase in traffic

When we publish our content on other’s blog, we put a link to our website on any one word of our blog. Due to which the traffic on our website starts increasing.
Guest Post allows us to put Do Follow Link on our website and when Do Follow Link is installed on the website then the traffic of our website also starts increasing significantly.

2. brand building

When we do guest post, some new visitors come to our website through the link placed on the guest post. When the visitors get quality content on our website, then those people visit our website again and again and this also increases the trust of the people on the website. At the same time our website also becomes a brand.

3. Getting Free High Quality Backlink

If someone wants high quality backlinks for their website then guest post can be one of the best way to increase backlink. Guest Post is one such means that are reliable.
On this we can post content and in exchange for that content, that website allows us to put a link to our blog. From this link we get high quality backlink for free. Along with this Traffic, Ranking and DA also increases.

4. building good relationships with other bloggers

We guest post on another person’s website, this establishes a good relationship with the owner of that blog, which we can also call blogger. By having a good relationship, that blogger can also create more and more backlinks for our website. This brings a lot of profit to our website.

Losses Of Guest Post

There may also be some disadvantages of Guest Post which are as follows –

  1. When we do guest post, our post is also rejected by that blog so that we do not get traffic to our blog and we suffer loss.
  2. To write content on another person’s blog, we have to give separate time, so that a lot of our time is wasted.
  3. Sometimes No Follow Link is put on our website through Guest Post, so that more traffic does not come to our website and we suffer.

How to write Guest Post?

While writing guest post, we should keep some things in mind.

  1. First of all, we should keep in mind that the title of the topic on which we are going to write the post should be attention-grabbing and attractive.
  2. On whichever keyword we are writing content, it should be Content Plagiarism free.
  3. The quality of our content should be good, that is, the correct information should be given in the content.
  4. In whichever niche our website is built, an article should be written on the keyword of that niche.
  5. Any website on which we have to guest post, there are some terms and conditions of that website, so while writing the content, those terms and conditions should also be kept in mind so that our post is not canceled.

How to find good website for guest post?

Often this question comes in the mind of people that how do we find the website to do guest post or how to reach those websites? So we are going to answer it below.

Before finding a blog to guess post, you have to keep in mind that find the guest post of the same niche on which your website is built. After finding the block to guest post, you must also check the DA, PA and Spam Score of that website.

To find Guest Post, you write the following sentences in Google and together write the name of your blog’s niche, this will give you a guest posting website related to your niche.

  • Become a guest writer
  • Contribute to our site
  • Submit a guest post
  • Submit an article
  • Submit blog post

Guest Post Blog List – Guest Post Submission Sites

Below we have given a list of some good and popular Guest Post Blog Submission Websites that allow guest posts. You can contact them if you want.

Any of the above given Guest Post Blog | You can contact the website owner for guest posting by visiting Guest Post Sites.

How To Pitch Website Owner For Guest Posting?

When we have got the website to write the post, now we need to talk to the owner of that website so that he can publish our post on his blog. Most of the bloggers who accept guest posts have only one way to reach themselves which is given below.

There is a Contact Us page in the guest posting website. In which the email ID and social media link is provided by the owner of the website. You can contact the owner of the website by email and ask them for permission to guest post.

Apart from email, you can also reach out to the owner of the website through social media and ask them for permission to guest post.
If you get permission to guest post, then you will also have to read the terms and conditions of the website and accordingly you will have to guest post.

Submit A Guest Post For Pakainfo.com

While doing Guest Posting / Blogging on Pakainfo.com, follow the following things, otherwise your Guest Post will not be accepted.

Things to keep in mind while doing guest posting

  1. Your article should be at least 1200-1400 words.
  2. We accept only Genuine guest posts because Pakainfo.com is a blog.
  3. Your guest post should be SEO friendly so that it can rank in Google.
  4. Your guest post should be on Latest/Trending/Forever Topic.
  5. Before deciding the topic of guest post, check that post has not already been written on this topic on our website.
  6. Apart from this, you have to keep your content Plagiarism Free i.e. 100% unique. After writing your article, you can check on Plagiarism Checker, Plagiarism Detector website whether the article is 100% unique or not, the article should not be written by copy pasting, or translating.
  7. Apart from this, you should keep in mind that there should not be any grammatical mistake in your blog at all. You can use Grammarly tool to check your grammar mistake. Its paid version also comes, if you have the budget then you must try it too.
  8. Before doing guest posting on our website, contact us via email, because we allow both guest post and paid post posts.
  9. We will verify your blog/website before guest posting, if we find everything right, then only we will allow guest posting.
  10. To guest post on Pakainfo, you can mail to [email protected].


In today’s article, we have given you all kinds of information about Guest Post and what is Guest Post and how to do it.

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