how to find guest posting sites?

how to find guest posting sites? – Hello friends! Welcome to guest posting sites. Today I will tell you Guest Posting: How & Why You Should Be Doing It.

Are you a blogger? Do you also want to create high quality backlinks on your blog?

Nowadays it is difficult to bring genuine traffic to the blog. First write the article, then share it everywhere, then make its backlinks and increase the authority. A blogger gets tired of doing everything at one time but still does not get results. The authority of the site does not increase.

how to find guest posting sites?

So today’s article is very important for all of you. Today we will know What is Guest Post, how to find guest posting sites and how to do it?

By the way of Guest Post, you can bring a lot of referral traffic to your blog as well as get High Quality Do Follow Backlink from other blogs as well. With this, you can guess how beneficial posting a guest can prove to be for you.

Nowadays every big blogger does guest posting because he knows about the importance of guest posting.

So let’s know Everything You Need To Know About Guest Posting.

What is Guest Post?

“When you publish an article written on your own blog by taking permission from the owner of other blogs, then it is called guest posting.”

In different words, you have to write articles for other blogs and if they like your article, then they agree to publish your article on their blog.

After that the owner of that blog gives the URL of your website in the article you have written. In some cases they are ready to publish your name also and in some cases not.

Now when he puts the URL of your website in your article, then you get high quality backlink and also referral traffic starts coming from that blog to your blog.

I hope that now you have understood what guest post is. Now let’s try to understand Free Guest Posting Sites You Should Submit To (For Visibility & Traffic) and its benefits.

Why do guest post?

Nowadays blogging has become very competitive and difficult. 1000+ of latest blogs are coming on the Internet every day. In such a crowd, it is very very difficult not to rank your blog on google.

In such a situation, it becomes a very difficult task to bring traffic to every new blog/website, increase and maintain its authority and simultaneously create a new brand. So if you want quick success in blogging then you should definitely do guest posting.

Through guest posting, you get targeted traffic to your blog. This means that only those people will come to your blog who really want to read blogs related to that topic.
Simultaneously, you get high-quality backlinks from different blogs, which increases the DA of your blog and the PA of webpages.
When you do guest posting, your blog becomes an identity and people start trusting you because they think that professional bloggers also know you.
After doing guest posting, there is no need to create more backlinks for the blog and there is no need to promote too much on social media.
Guest posting is a white hat SEO method and google also does not have any problem with it. That’s why every blogger should do guest posting on different websites.

How to do guest post?

Guest posting is not a difficult task but for this you need to have good knowledge in your domain. Because when you write an article for any other website, it should have quality content.

We are telling you the complete step-by-step process of guest posting.

  1. First of all, research the topic and keywords well on the topic on which you want to write guest post article.
  2. Then write fresh content on that topic. Remember, that you do not have to copy paste anything in your article.
  3. Now you have to find high authority niche blogs related to your blog which accept guest post because only then targeted traffic will come to your blog.
  4. You can ask them through email whether they want to write guest post article or not.
  5. Then you have to read their terms and conditions thoroughly and prepare your article accordingly and send it to their e-mail.
  6. If your content is liked by the owner of the blog on which you want to guest post, then he will publish your content on his blog, the URL of your blog and your name will be given in the post.
  7. Now you have got a quality backlink for your blog and together with referral traffic will also come to your blog.

Guest Posting : Important Terms

So now we want to give you some important information related to guest posting. You have to read and check all these things carefully because your blog can be harmed even by guest posting in the wrong way. So let’s know:-

Guest Post on related niche websites

On whichever topic you want to write an article, guest post only on blogs with a related niche. You have to do this only because targeted traffic comes to your blog.

Google also says that you should do guest posting on blogs related to your blog.

Check DA/PA of blog

Friends, before guest posting, you should always check the authority of the blog where you are going to guest post. If you do guest posting on a website with less DA / PA then you will not get any benefit and all your hard work will go in vain.

You should always do guest posting in your niche on the High Authority blog where good traffic comes and which has high DA / PA so that there will be some benefit in the ranking of your website if the link juice is passed.

Check Spam Score

On whichever blog you are going to guest post, do not forget to check its spam score, otherwise you may make this mistake heavy later.

No matter how high the DA / PA of that blog is, if that blog’s spam score is 2.5-3%, then do not forget to guest post on that blog. High spam score has a negative effect on google.

Post high quality content

No matter how many blogs you want, guest posting on blogs, if the content of your own blog is not unique and high quality, then no one will like to come to your blog again.

Always write such content which will benefit people and people get solution to their problems.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Now we will try to know about the benefits of guest posting.

Free Do Follow Backlink

Whenever you do guest posting, you get high quality backlinks from high authority blogs, which increases your website’s SERP rank and increases its chances of ranking at a higher position in google.

This also increases the Domain Authority of your website, which can prove beneficial for the SEO of the blog.

Targeted Referral Traffic for lifetime

When you do guest posting, then other blogs owners give a link to your blog in your article.

The blog on which you have guest posted, if there is high traffic, then people will come to your website by clicking on the link of your blog, which will benefit your blog a lot.

Build Relationship with Pro Bloggers

Whenever you do guest posting for a blog, then your relationship with the owner of that blog becomes good, which can benefit you a lot.

You will get to learn a lot from other bloggers and you will also get their support. Like- Free Backlinks, Social Media Promotion etc.


If you are able to do guest posting on high authority blogs, then people will start getting to know you and your blog and you will start becoming famous.

People will take knowledge by reading your blogs and then will see according to that how much top class knowledge you are giving at free of cost.

We accept Guest Posting?

If you want to do guest posting on our blog then you can.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. No plagiarism (No duplicate content)
    No pictures- I will make my own
    Provide value in your information, so that people do not have to go to another site, everything can be found on it.
    No keyword stuffing
    no black hat seo
    Contact me with email and provide article in Max 2 working days.

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Conclusion – how to find guest posting sites?

Friends, I hope you have come to know what is guest post & how to find guest posting sites?.

Today we learned –

  1. what is guest post?
  2. why guest post is necessary?
  3. How to submit a guest post for a blog?
  4. how to find guest posting sites?

We have also told you what things you have to keep in mind while posting guest. But the point of the issue is that you must definitely do guest posting.

If you liked our article, then definitely share it with new bloggers so that they can also know how they can also increase the traffic and authority of their blog in less time.

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