How to Index Backlinks in 2022?

how to index backlinks that’s today how to index backlinks backlink indexing seo tips how to index backlinks backlink indexing seo tips my name is Ridham Kakadiya in today’s how to index backlinks?

some backlink indexing seo tips yes i most certainly have a step-by-step process a method on how I’m indexing backlinks and yes i pride myself in being a non-pitch of more of an educational channel .

so what i want to do first and foremost is give you a method for not only helping aid index backlinks but keeping your links index which is more important I’m going to give you that first the second thing is i want to go over the backlink indexing tests and then last but not least is i want to go ahead and put my method up against .

How to Index Backlinks?

some backlinks that were created utilizing a tool and these are considered .

some of the worst links that you could possibly go out and create .

  • so and these actual links were created with gsa .
  • so first let’s get into the uh value the information first and foremost .
  • so what i want to share with you is this all right .
  • so and and this all ties together the very first thing is this .
  • so if we come inside of here we’re going to go over here to gsa all right i’m already pre-setting .
  • some things up here let’s get rid of .
  • so the very first thing is we need to get our links .
  • so what i’m going to utilize is .

some links that i created probably in the last week or .

  • so um utilizing a tool called gsa gsa is a backlink an automated backlink creation tool all right it’s been around forever with that said you can see here that inside of here inside of sites we have 171 links that have been verified okay .
  • so if we come inside of here and we go to um uh let’s just get inside of here and um we want to select or we want to show urls that are verified okay now that we have that what we’re going to do is we can go ahead and export this list and we’re going to do um all .
  • so we want to do all all normal all url only okay .
  • so we have url only .

so we’re going to go here and we’re going to go ahead and just put in um site links verified gsa all right we’ll go ahead and save that okay then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and just go inside of here and we’re going to get that file because we want to do we want to take a look at this okay .

so as you can see here we have these particular links now what i want to do is obviously the shorteners are kind of tough all right i’m not going to make myself look completely horrible you know shorteners have long been relatively hard to um index all right but what i want to do is take these very specific links all right which i have already as you can see .

so here’s the link list and what i went ahead and did is i took these lists these links right from here and i took them and put them right over onto my website all right i’m just taking you through and again i’m going to give you the process here in a minute here bear with me .

  • so what i did is i took them over and i put them onto my website and i put them right in order here .
  • so it’s like one two three um i have the entire list here .
  • so if you just take a look at the link list let’s see where we started at i probably just went right in order i would assume i just copied and pasted it right inside of there um just to save myself a lot of headache and grief .
  • so this is the site map this is an html sitemap page all right .
  • so what i did is i just took my live links directly from my list okay .

so i just took them right from here copied them pasted them inside of here now before that was done um the method which i want to show you first for keeping the links indexed and then not only that you know it just helps aid getting them indexed it helps keep them indexed that’s what i want to walk you through all right .

so this is a bonus within the training but i’m going to go ahead and walk you through the process of how this is done all right .

  • so one of the first things is this all right .
  • so you’re going to need to get your account okay .
  • so regardless of the account this this account that i’m working on is kind of toasted .
  • so you will need to get your account all right .
  • so you’ll need a gmail account and the process goes a little like this .

so as you get out onto the web if you want to keep your links indexed this is pretty much the best way that i’ve found .

so far for keeping them indexed we’re not talking about good links or any other type of links talking about junk links that you want to keep getting that value for more importantly too we want to keep the page that we’re utilizing is our index page indexed .

so um here’s here’s how you do it again this is this is um a bonus um but i want to go ahead and give it to you .

so what you’ll want to do is first and foremost realize to yourself that you might get lucky when initiating this process okay and what i mean by that is you might trigger a phone verification .

so be mindful of where you go to create what i’m about to show you all right al.

so be mindful all right if you’re in the local business if you do this and you get lucky and you want to give me the listing give me a call but aside from that let’s take a look here you want to be mindful of where you’re placing these okay .

  • so for me i’m going to go right in here to philadelphia okay only because it’s a city and i don’t have anything there as of yet .
  • so in case we do get lucky .
  • so we want to figure out where does google think philadelphia is all right now we want to head right inside here .
  • so philadelphia is right in here .

so what we want to do is we want to go inside of here we’re going to go by here and what you got to do is pick a location and be mindful of the location again and then we want to right click all right and we want to take a look we want to keep coming in here and you need to right click on top of a building and what you’re going to do is you want to see what’s here all right .

so once you’re inside here this looks like .

some um this looks like maybe residential type area all right i like to look where there’s already .

some type of businesses perhaps um but let’s go ahead and take a look again if you’re just joining me please bear with me .

so what i’m doing now is i’m giving you the tip and the process first of keeping your links indexed and it definitely helps aid get them indexed aside from that i’m going to go over the two other backlink indexing tests that i did to reveal the percentages from two leading indexing services and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put my method to the test utilizing gsa spam links what’s the percentage of links that we can get them indexed all right and and that’s exactly what we’re doing but i’m walking you through right now how you can get a little bit of an edge there’s a lot of tips inside of this little piece right here all right .

so um i want to make sure that i i give you .

something complimentary first okay .

so let’s let’s get inside of here um we’re looking for an address is what we’re doing and if you’re wondering like what’s this dude doing that’s what we’re doing we we don’t want to be okay now we’re on the right track as you can see here this looks like a business but it’s already been claimed and you don’t want to be anywhere else because you don’t want to be competing with anyone else wow what a beautiful um what a cool sight right .

so this .

sometimes takes a moment as you can see here um but i know that we’re on the right track we’re definitely in the business district this is getting a little bit better .

so what’s here okay we want to make sure that there’s nobody else here all right .

so 131 okay .

so this is what we’re going to do here .

so now now that we’ve now that we have our address okay let’s you want to copy the url of where you went or the address that you went to now what you want to do is you want to go ahead and add your business okay .

so now what you want to put inside of here is going to be um your business name okay okay all right .

so we’re just gonna go ahead and do philadelphia seo the category is all right because that’s the main piece that i do all right the next element is you’re going to want to go through this process okay .

so it in and do you want to add your location to visit like in a store or office and the answer is yes okay now i’m not going to go through this entire process okay but what i will what i’m going to do though is i’m going to take you over to one that’s already done all right .

so once you go through this process and you get a unverified listing an unverified listing is going to look like this only for sake of time i’m going to take you to another one this is an unverified listing okay this is one that i have and i’ve created in the past for a contest that i did uh please note i hit pay number six for digital marketing las vegas after 64 days number six in 64 days digital marketing las vegas just just .

so we’re all on the same page anyway with that being said um what we’re going to do here is we’re going to come inside of here all right this is an unverified listing okay now what you want to do is once you have this listing all right you’re going to go to the actual website portion all right now it used to be i i taught this uh technique in the past utilizing the url but it was only one at a time we all know that google loves its own properties right and why wouldn’t they it’s on their servers it’s housed even with the google sites now where people are misinformed perhaps because they’re not indexing um or showing inside of the search results when you have a google properties housed on the same exact servers that google’s everything else is on just because it’s not in the index the search results has nothing to do with does google know where it’s at is google crawling it does google is is it inside of the actual index the overall index the corpus of what google knows about the answer is ab.

solutely it is ab.

solutely it’s getting crawled and ab.

solutely you will find it it might not be prominent in the search results but it’s there .

so with that being said what we’re looking to do here is create the free website now you can take your time and you know care about how it looks or whatnot but the primary function of this particular site is to do one thing and one thing only it’s to make sure that google sees and crawls and re-crawls the links that i want to make sure that i have indexed and stay indexed more notably what we want to make sure of is the link of which we’re utilizing either the page or the indexing site that we’re utilizing the method with we want to make sure that that’s on there why because any change is going to trigger a crawl all right any change that i make on this page on their server on their property is going to initiate a crawl how do we know this because when we used to have the other sites the old sites the old google sites dude we used to be able to make changes like this just because the changes aren’t happening as rapidly and showing in the search results doesn’t mean that that change and everything else isn’t still happening it most certainly is especially with these properties .

so with that being said what what i do is i take the links and and again it’s the same exact url links that i got out of gsa that were verified they’re the same junk spam links i mean you could take a look at these for yourself i mean let’s let’s let’s let’s do this together here come on over here here’s the uh links that we created like let’s let’s just take a look at just .

some random one right like let’s take a look at this one together and let’s go see how quality of a link this is all right .

so we’re going to throw this in there and let’s go take a look .

so this is the kind of thing that i’m talking about like these kind of links don’t really have value they have no purpose being in the index but i’m able to not only get them indexed but keep them indexed and keep the value flowing all right .

so um for me it’s it’s i don’t really care if it shows in the search results um but a lot of people do um .

so and that’s neither here nor there another thing is these highly spam sites are generally relatively high authoritative we got a pa-48 and a da-92 it’s junk but it’s got a lot of power right .

so this is the kind of thing that i want to keep you know maybe in there .

so with that being said i’ve gone through the process of being able to get you’ll definitely get a crawl you’ll definitely get an initial index just this alone can help you immensely and more notably it helps keep the links indexed .

so that’s just a bonus right i i give you that i hope that that helps you out .

so now let’s move into .

some more of the content here all right .

so with that being said all right .

so let’s let’s get rid of this because i don’t want to burn that account um that’s the only rea.

son you know there’s risks you know this is more on the grayer side okay guys .

so in gals .

so you know this isn’t for everybody um just just as a caveat because .

sometimes i’ll get messages within the comments like uh you know this you know should i should i be doing this if you have to ask should i be doing this then maybe it’s definitely not for you all right moving on the next piece that i want to go ahead and and and then take you through here is .

so you saw me grab these links all right .

so we just grabbed these right out of gsa literally i verified these i just ran them we can see in here when when they went live let me see if it’ll show it i mean i just built these dude oh here we go date .

so .

some of them are from five .

some of them are from seven oh you know what i did i bet you here watch if we go up here to the fresh ones that’s probably where i got this exact list i went to here yep there’s what i did .

so now you can see like literally i want to make sure that there’s no questions all right um is why i’m i’m going .

so in depth .

so here’s what i did here .

so here’s the urls that are verified that i built with gsa .

so 724 starting with the l adder suq at l-l-u-e when you come take a look at this as you can see here it’s the first one and then the next one on the list is www.rcelia.netindex.php index.php the next one is www.ege ege right i just grabbed the top ones put them over on the list went and put them inside of my um website on an unverified listing that was the first step then the next thing that i did is i took it over to my site index page okay my site map page on my website and again i go over this in the training i teach you this step by step exactly how to get this you’re going to get crazy high retention on the backlinks and not only that you can get them index and once you learn it it’s free you don’t have to it’s not two pennies a piece or a penny a piece or 20 a month or 50 a month or whatever it is it’s free boom boom boom boom no questions .

so in any case once i took it over to gmb and i put it inside of there and i ran it and i updated it right because i republished it went to the crawl right forced that crawl that was the initial one the next step was as i was going through here and i’m going inside of here and i already ran this through one time but what we’re going to do is we’re going to just run this through one more time together okay we’re going to run it through the method i added all of the links onto this page there’s al.

so .

some other things that have to happen on this page in order to make this work after that what i did is i brought it over to a notebook all right .

so this is a notebook where you can run python scripts all right .

so all i did was i loaded in the script and this has been modified slightly because there’s .

some ones online but they don’t they don’t work right they probably used to but this needed to be modified just slightly .

so the script is here i added in the script i had to upload a file as well i’m not going to get into the details of exactly how this works but once that was done i ran the script all right .

so now what i want to do live is and it’s the same exact stuff all i want to do now is i want to take these links that we have and i want to see the level of indexation all right .

so before that um and you can check this page like i just launched this page i just added these links um you know like i just i just want to see now before i get into my process because i’m just waiting because again i just submitted it maybe an hour ago all right um .

so now before we go ahead and we go any further i just want to cover .

so they hit like a 60 all right uh the other one here um omega got a 38 okay at the time and there was the same exact um vendor but different links and this was at this time now with that being said all right.

so now what i want to do here is i want to take these very poor quality links like you can see i just took this list here where i i created these links and you can see when i created them i created them in the 19th one on the 24th .

so not too long ago i took the freshest links right from this list i ran them through my script i al.

so added a couple of other things like i mentioned i cover a lot of this within the training but really what i want to do now is i want to go ahead and check these links and see how many have indexed okay .

so let’s go ahead and just do a test .

so what we’re looking for is a free backlink indexing tool all right um oh wait not an indexer i’m looking for a free backlink index checker is what i’m really looking for and i i know that there’s one that’s pretty and and the problem is too is like .

some of these like if you come into here um i and i tried out a couple of these .

so like this one you’re only allowed to upload five and like rank watch i think is like 10 or 15 or .

something um uh uh or 10 10 and then what’s .

some of the other ones here .

so search engine journal uh link assistant .

so but index checking .

so i guess they’re they were running all those indexed checks they couldn’t keep their own side index .

so that’s quite interesting but in any case this side here we can uh check 25 at a time .

so what i want to do is i want to come back over to here i’m going to grab these urls we’re gonna do control a okay we’re gonna copy this um i might have to do one or two checks um but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just check this out here okay all right .

so let’s just see if we can get what kind of percentage we have .

so first i have to figure out how many there is there all right .

so it’s over 25 all right .

so let’s figure out how many we have um and then we’ll take it from there all right .

so one two because in those other past tests i was testing 50 at a clip all right in that other in that other tester .

so i was testing 50. um .

so for this one i don’t know how many um we can only test 25 at a time but we could still figure out what the percentages are even though we can we’re testing less um .

so there we go let’s just figure what these are um and i wanted to make sure i did this live .

so i i’m totally fine with it alright .

so let’s go ahead and check these out i think i messed this one up i’m not sure though all right .

so let’s just check these ones first and you can see where i’m sending them a lot of them all right .

so let’s check this i don’t know how long this is going to take but let’s go in here and just see what it’s going to do here let’s see if i got enough out of tacky all right .

so let’s just take a look at this did it kick me out here all right .

so those ones are indexed all right .

so let’s just keep going down the link list here .

so those are those all right .

so let’s just keep going here .

so those .

so far are indexed okay now let’s just keep going here .

so those are these starting with all of these and you could see them for yourself now we’re going to move into these and we’re going to see if these ones are indexed okay i mean i i know it’s going to be high but i don’t know the exact number yet and remember i just ran these through .

so it doesn’t mean that they’re going to stay but the point i’m trying to make is i can show you how to do this um for yourself all right .

so let’s go back into here now let’s see what kind of percentage we have index index but that’s only two i should have had more than that um let’s go back into here no i want the new list yeah .

  • so let’s get these okay .
  • so it looks like it’s kicking them out they have to be by each other .
  • so here’s 10 more let’s check these ones fine let’s see what we got going on here now indexed which i kind of figured there should be a couple though i’m assuming all right .
  • so let’s just keep working our way down the list remember the other test there was 50 all right .
  • so you know i i don’t know how many i grabbed here but um i tried to grab at least 50. all right .
  • so let’s do this batch all right and these are all sitting on the site i just ran them through all right .
  • so let’s check these ones now find indexing and again if you’re just joining me these links are literally from straight from gsa .
  • so i literally just .

sorted these by date of creation these are right from the gsa list i just built them like not too long ago they’re all and if if you’re curious let’s just find a random one here how about this one this is one of them we’ll copy this url if you want to see the quality of these links here i’ll show you what what they are .

so here’s here’s one of them .

so that’s there’s one of them right i mean and it’s their gsa i mean i mean what else can i say but i’m getting them indexed now keeping them indexed that’s the part in the very beginning if you’re just joining me and you watch that beginning section i i figured out how to get them indexed keeping them index that’s one of the best ways that i found plus keeping that page on there because you don’t want to consistently keep updating it .

so what i’ll do is i’ll just go right over to that google site let that publish site within google maps i’ll make a little quick little change and then republish it dude it gets crawled dude like i mean i’m i’m i’m giving it to you i’m trying all right .

  • so let’s take a look at this one here all right .
  • so we have these urls inside of here um all right .

so let’s keep working our way down this list uh a lot of these are just trash i mean it’s it is what it is .

so um i think i proved the method basically i mean i don’t know i don’t know if they’re all going to be but we’ll keep checking here let’s check this batch now copy throw these in here paste and find all indexing all right it’s checking and the answer is why why is that .

so small okay .

so look at indexed pretty much every single every single link but one is indexed every single link but one is flipping indexed all right let’s keep going here all right just want to make sure i get all of these all right .

so far there’s only been one that didn’t hit indexed i mean what else can i say all right let’s keep going here we got all these down here i want to make sure it’s fair because i want to get the entire bit just like i did for the other ones i did 50. .

so let’s just keep going all right i know it might be boring but i want to i want to make sure that i give myself a fair run here all right okay .

so these will be the last ones of the test okay copy we’re going to bring these right into here ctrl v and find indexing they’re all indexed every single one for now is indexed every single one but one i mean what else can i say all right .

so that pretty much wraps up this particular presentation .

so i just wanted to share that with you i wanted to give you that helpful tip for keeping them indexed al.

so definitely helps aid get them indexed as well but on top of that i just wanted to walk you through the process show the indexing rates again the issue is never getting the stuff indexed i’ve never had trouble with that ever it’s keeping it indexed but i have found a way a .

solution that’s free once you know how to do it to keep your stuff indexed consistently and it doesn’t have to just be your stuff you can you can take sites like like this one copy bring it over here let’s like sites like this um let’s let’s find another one here’s here’s here’s another fun one all right uh copy this what are these uh let’s see what else we have here um raw cave i mean dude it goes on and on it’s just crap uh here let’s let’s take a look at this one here uh let’s see what this is copy let’s bring this up here just just to get an idea general consensus of what we have here .

so this one’s got oh it’s got a little listen thing going on here this is in like um i’m not even sure of the language i’m not gonna lie to you but this is a lower quality site obviously um but just straight gsa stuff um .

so if you’re utilizing gsa or anything like that and you want to get a little bit higher percentage get it crawled get it indexed let’s see what this one is let’s check this side out uh if you have any questions too i mean this is a live stream please feel free go ahead and ask i’ll be happy to answer them for you um if you have any questions about what we just covered or anything else feel free to go ahead and ask um let’s come over here and take a little look alright .

so yo yo hey what’s going on maximo lopez yo yo yo yo to you affiliate buff retracted uh persian prince hey chris how are you i’m doing great tony what’s up brother life and how are your phones coming chris excellent uh rajan sai says hello hello to you um these index checkers aren’t true okay um i need to index my optimized pages um .

so what about the links from sites like yive um would this message work i don’t know what yive is um but i’m sure it would and on top of that too you know and he’s right too like those indexing give or take um i have pretty much about a 90 what seven percent indexing rate um for now according to that tool let’s say it’s off a little bit let’s say that it’s 80 but still that’s high and the best part is i did that for free free .

so even if the tool’s wrong even if it’s this or even if it’s that right we still did it for free um and once you know just just just just .

so you know um .

so but yeah amir you’re right they might not be right but we we whatever the percentage is and i mean that’s the best one that you can do 25 at a time um you know whatever that percentage is it’s probably you know pretty close .

so a lot of these sites man are just trash let’s take a look at this one let’s just take a look and see what it looks like i’m curious i can only imagine that one’s not working um .

so that’s quite interesting uh let’s take a look at this one oh it’s probably because let’s see what this one is all about here and i think i only took 25 from the .

so here’s uh j tay whatever this is i i really have no idea but again this was a lot of fun if you have any questions feel free to go ahead and ask um chris you’re the best brother persian prince that’s that’s the goal and and please i mean give it a try just be safe like go buy a gmail account like if you’re if you’re trying out the first part like that that works very well um but just make sure you’re not utilizing your own per.

sonal account make sure you’re not as.

sociating it with yourself too much generally too when i’m doing a lot of ill or repute type of things um i generally use this browser here it’s called tor .

some uh promotion for my indexing training .

so that’s really why i wanted to do this live .

so that way there was no question all right .

so um that’s it i wanted to give value and i al.

so wanted to do a live backlink indexing test and that’s what we covered there’s no other questions i’m going to go ahead and hop off it’s saturday .

so it’s been a pleasure thank you for joining me thank you all .

so much if you have future questions ask in the comments below and i always look forward to seeing you in the next how to index backlinks backlink indexing seo tips.

some mozilla too but not on this computer i don’t use that that often at all but really just chrome and torque that’s really it and then um i al.

so use a browser i’m playing around with the tool if you guys haven’t seen it yet i’m sure you have because it’s an older tool um but i utilize um a lot of gsa products and i recently got um i recently got one uh called the website submitter now the website submitter comes with a lot of interesting uh urls inside of it uh about a thousand and and they’re okay they’re like directories and whatnot what why is this blocking me okay .

so it’s got about a thousand inside of it uh but what’s really cool about it is there’s a custom feature where you can utilize the browser and inside of that browser um which is right here inside of the browser uh you can go to sites like yelp and bark and all of these types of sites and fill out all the information like this and you can create a custom citation list .

so that’s that’s actually what i’ve been working on um because i work pretty close with a citation guy um but i talked to him and i asked him if he knew anything about this tool because .

somebody in my group uh mentioned it to me and i asked him i said hey do you know anything about gsa submitter he’s like that’s what i use and i was like oh really he’s like yeah you can upload the list and i was like .

so needless to say he didn’t know that he was just giving it to me but and i want to give it to you because he gave me value i’ll give you value uh .

so in there you can upload like say this is one of the lists that i generally do for clients right .

so there’s like yelp and yahweh foursquare like this is like a citation list and i’m building it out too .

so i you can upload the citation list to their already citation directory list and it’s still kind of a manual process but when you go to the site with a new logo and say like an outlook account or .

something because you plug in your email address you’re just it’s just one button form fill like it’s it’s exactly what it says an auto website submitter and i’m utilizing it for citations .

so um i hope that helps you too another little bonus there um because that’s that’s big especially too you can load in your descriptions .

so say you’re out and about and you’re working with yourself or your brand and you have multiple locations i highly suggest that you build multiple citations for multiple locations and i al.

so highly suggest to get the variance within the citation for higher indexing rate a higher forward facing indexing rate you know give a little variation to the description and aim for the higher da or you know tf or whatever metric you like to look at aim for the higher percentage websites that offer a do follow link because if google’s only going to give us credit for .

so many per location right remember and this is i i want to give this to you like this is what i’ve been noticing time and time again like google ranks pages not sites we should all be on the same page with this right um and and what you’ll notice is say you submit 500 citations google generally give you credit for what about 75 80. yeah but as you change out the url and the description for each location i get 75 for this one 75 for this one because you guys that are fans and gals that are fans of okay if it’s not in search results it’s not passing credit i i don’t believe that but if if you are in that camp this is a way to maximize because now i could get 75 for this locale 75 for this 75 for that 75 for that because in my humble opinion backlinks are either a plus a negative or a neutral right what i’ve found with citations is they’re either a plus or a neutral it’s very hard to gauge what they are i’ve never seen a negative .

so if i can throw out 75 of ones that i feel pretty confident or you know they’re do follow they have a url they’re high quality they they they make you submit a captcha you have to have a real email chances are that one’s probably got a better percentage to do me to do me good than the other ones right the ones where you could just auto submit and they’re junk and there’s no captcha and you can put in any email you want it doesn’t have to be verified right .

so i’m looking for verified do follow add the website do the spun description 7575.75 .

so i’m trying to create a master list plus i’m trying to create templates right because what i want to do is i want to be able to give this to my guys in the group and to you .

so what i want to do is create a template to where it’s like an autofill like um you know we are inner city here a enter service here right .

so then we can just have templates for spinning out these descriptions that’s what i want for me and once i get them created and once i have them and i can utilize this tool i’ll give um i’m going to give it away .

so that’s .

something i’m working on um because i like citations i like them as a deliverable for the clients and i al.

so like them for you know i like them for brand awareness building foundation i just like them and i’m sure you do too um .

so that was .

sorry to go off on a rant i guess a little far away from backlink indexing but i just love when you love seo like there’s nothing else out there like i love long game stuff right there’s nothing you could put in time and effort there’s nothing like this nothing that i’ve found and i’m sure you guys are in the same boat um nothing else that i love as much as doing this um .

so i need uh index my optimized pages .

so what about the links okay would you would this method work i don’t know what yive is but i’m sure it i’m very very confident that the method will work i’m very confident um chris you’re the best .

so test speed links um 31 out of 50.

so i’m just messing around with stuff um and i’m sure you guys do too that’s part of the fun right marketing’s fun it is for me um .

so hey chris hope you will be good decoding or hiding javascript of your site does it impact our seo hey chris hope you will be good decoding or hiding javascript of our site does it impact seo ranking well you’re not necessarily going to know um i i don’t really go too heavy on javascript all right .

so um i i don’t really want to say i i know it has gotten better over the course of time i did work with a instagram this woman that did like instagram consulting .

social media consulting she was sick she taught me a lot about pods early on and i took that information and ran with it um set myself up really good doing pods and instagram uh management services and engagement groups and i went completely insane right but in any case uh she had this javascript heavy and she did very very well for a very long period of time if you looked up uh instagram management service she was ranking you know pretty much any city any town she was in the top you know three four results pretty much anywhere you search mobile not in in any city .

so take that as you will that’s the only time i’ve ever had any like true heavy javascript sites .

so hopefully that helps you um hey chris is wp rocket that you sell on your website updated i don’t do i don’t sell it i don’t sell it i don’t think i sell it um and if i do it’s like a dollar and that’s just .

so i can create a list um but it’s it’s more of a giveaway i it’s it it is auto updated um it’s infinitely updated um but yeah i don’t i don’t sell it that’s it’s it’s just a link building tool but it is it’s .

something that i’ve as i became public like i’ve been in this industry for over a decade i’ve been doing this a long time i’ve built up a lot of relationships .

something that i’m noticing now is it’s not necessarily the clients that come because there’s a lot of tire kickers my target market is already seos what they’re looking for is done for you types of services .

so if if you could maybe help you know consulting of .

sorts creating content of .

sorts um but offering the service of whatever you’re trying to promote i think that you’d see yourself in a very good position um .

so take that as you will it’s just .

something that i’ve noticed and i’m you know restructuring things um as we speak for myself .

some clients and you will be able to do .

some done-for-you services um and if you do like maybe like little mini trainings that are cheap the high-end stuff it doesn’t do well for me um but if you can do super helpful little trainings like say this index training that’s helpful that can help a lot of people it’s low ticket with high value that does well it does for me at least i i don’t know about it you know .

so but if it’s that’s all i that’s all i can say you know and i’m still going through it too a live rl fan but it is helpful man i i think it’s great but just know that there’s a lot of there’s a lot there’s dude there’s a lot of other stuff that i’m not going to get into you know just just just you know have thick skin be mindful of what you’re doing and that’s it that’s all i can say but good luck to you and definitely go for it bro amol says hey chris how do i join your private group .

so yeah if you just go to um check out the backlink index training first and foremost um but other than that um if you come right over to here you can see there’s seo coaching right it’s just and then you just click here learn more you can learn about it and basically i just cover what what i do which is it’s seo coaching i answer questions and i al.

some final touches on the drive stack stuff right because there’s a lot of you know as you’re making stuff because i like to make stuff for the year um and i sell i offer my programs very affordably because i it’s not an update process i’m not going to charge a grand and then consistently be hounded to update this year it’s this okay next year if there’s anything that changes and i think that i can add more value then i’ll make a new one but if not it’s pretty much the same right .

so for this um this is seo coaching it’s 55 bucks a month it’s uh 12 to 230 to be honest with you it’s 55 a month because i’m i’m only looking to have 40 people max pretty much you can stay the whole day like it’s 12 to 5 30. that’s when i run i take a lunch break at 2 30 to 3 and then from 3 to 5 30 we fire back up again but you can stay on the line the whole day if you want you can hear the questions the answers that’s where i teach all my trainings live like before i come out with like a training program and i’ve come out with stuff too that never even hit like i never promote it i don’t promote stuff usually um and i’ll just offer it or i’ll go on blackout world and do like a jv with .

so i wanted to show how well i knew how to help them that’s what it was all about and it’s still all about that but i want to help people in a different way i want to be able to help give them the skills and then two i don’t want to offer monthly recurring it drives me crazy what i want to do is i want to be able to offer you the services that you need the citations the press releases the backlinks the pbn build outs right that’s where uh that’s where my value is as as as time is progressing i start to realize that the true value is that i’m able to get stuff for a lot better price and a higher quality than what people are used to getting for you know .

so i think that’s where my value add is um and it’s vetted and i’m putting my name on it it’s my stuff the stuff that i’ve been using forever i’m just gonna do it myself and i think it’ll be a lot more helpful .

so i already ran that through but that’s where you find that at um we’re dropping people .

so it doesn’t look like we’re answering any questions hey chris do you think that google knew website speed algorithm took place of backlinking to rank website do you think google knew website speed algorithm took place of backlinking um you know i i think that each and every factor has its own you know on a scale from one to a hundred each thing has its own measurement of what aids in rank um do i think that the speed and the new algorithm is is one of those hundred things that allows us to push up definitely do i think that it totally took the place of links within the google algorithm no but if if those links used to be four notches out of a hundred of all the things that help you rank it’s probably three now right you see what i mean i don’t think that links are as important as they were in 2012 or 13 or 15 or nine right in 2009 or 10 or 11 12 13 14 15. around 2015 16 17 18 man you know it seems like there’s been a lot more factors at play .

so to answer your question yes but they didn’t take the place of links links i do think are one piece of the puzzle there you have to have boats from other sites you know um most notably highly topical sites all right .

so at the moment watching you yup yup .

so how do i join okay we did that hey chris what is do follow link can you please clarify ex explain with an example .

so um sure i could do that .

so let’s let’s go to um what is a do follow backlink .

so that’s the best thing to do .

so you can do this yourself but i do follow backlink is a link that helps in terms of seo by passing the authority from the origin site to the destination site all right .

so it’s one link to another what’s a link this on .

somebody’s site to take a look at this this is a url this is a link this is al.

so a do follow link going to other sites let me give you a live demonstration .

so if you come into here and i go to moz and i highlight follow links as you can see these are do follow links where i’m outbound linking to these sites now generally no i wouldn’t do this for these sites but i was i’m utilizing these as an indexing i’m using this page for indexing all right .

so i wanted to index these links now there was a lot of other things that went into that to get pretty much a hundred percent indexed i’m i’m running at almost 100 percent indexing rate utilizing this strategy um there’s a lot more that went into that but um it is what it is .

so that’s the difference .

so that’s a do follow link a nofollow link just doesn’t contain the attribute it can contains a nofollow attribute .

so it just doesn’t follow it you’re giving a directive to google that says hey you can click this link and crawl this link but i’m not i don’t know where it goes i don’t trust this link do follow is i’m saying hey i put this link here i know this site i trust it and i’m linking out to it okay .

so that’s that all right um .

so yeah hopefully that helps you out uh mr value ammo says what is the stand on backlinks after new link spam update i mean what types of them will still work .

so i i still think that it’s going to be the same exact thing is going to work and that’s going to be your highest quality possible that’s highly topical if you can buy high quality links or or curate or or gain links that are relevant and of higher quality with lower amounts of outbound links you’re gonna be fine i don’t think there’s been that big of a shift i think in very particular niches there were massive shifts i don’t think it was um i don’t think it was the entire corpus of all links i don’t think we’re affected i am i’m not seeing that um and if and if and if link spam and if that algorithm is true then why did i just take 50 of the most spammy links and just get almost nearly a hundred percent indexing rate you know what i’m saying .

so i i don’t think it’s i don’t think that it’s completely across every single niche i think they probably targeted a specific niche um and then just send .

some shock waves through but i i really don’t know you know .

so hopefully that helps you um which is better building backlinks or or buying an expired domain with backlinks and redirect 301 to the to the domain you know they both have their place right but i i don’t think that just simply buying a site for links is the right strategy for 301s you know i would say that just buying a highly topical high-powered link is probably better only because i don’t think people are a lot of people that i speak to aren’t really looking at um doing 301 redirects as it should be looked at right in in my humble opinion you know if you’re going to do a 301 redirecting type of strategy it’s not .

so much that you know you have your money site okay this is generally what people do and they’ll they’ll they’ll find .

something that’s like a trust flow 50 right with i don’t know 2 000 referring domains and then what they’re going to do is they’re going to 301 into here but then most you know 50 of this anchor text was branded of whatever the site was and the other 50 is an anchor text of .

something that’s maybe not as relevant right and this domain might be high quality and it might have been cheap but this site is about windows and this this site was about i don’t know uh birds right .

so it’s it’s not on point it’s not on point what i think is a much better if you’re gonna be doing 301 redirects and utilizing that as a strategy what i have seen that works very effectively when when utilizing it as a strategy it more .

so goes a little bit like this right .

so you have your main money site okay this is more effective and when you’re going out in the marketplace it’s not .

so much about getting only the trust flow 40s and 20s and 10s but actually snapping up even if it’s a truss flow five even if it’s a trust flow two right i mean ideally these aren’t what you want but even if it’s a trust flow you know 10 plus okay and and .

so on and .

so forth not not dismissing the trust flow to as long as there’s one or two good links but the key of utilizing the strategy isn’t getting the high powered from none relevant the key for me is if you look at a website as a business or as a brand which it which it is it’s either one or the other this is an entity let’s say that this is a plumber okay .

so this plumber he’s a brand and let’s say that he’s in pa pennsylvania well over here in uh los angeles john’s plumbing jp has gone out of business and their domain here only has a trust flow five but it’s right on point it’s a past business it just expired or more notably i’d rather be it’s an auction domain that’s fair priced it’s not that powerful there’s barely anybody bidding on it .

something you could get cheap you can get it easily you know less than 50 bucks but it’s pretty much a thousand percent yeah this guy’s in pennsylvania and this guy’s in la but but it’s pretty much very very on point yes there’s .

some branded anchor text coming in but that’s irrelevant when i buy this and 301 it to an internal page all right plumber might be bad because that’s really hyper focused but you get the drift here and the same thing goes for this this business went out of this website went out of business i buy it up i added in this website went out of business i buy it i added in i’m going up it’s almost like when when uh amazon or or i don’t know walmart or whatever the case is you know what these businesses will go in and buy an area and then all of a sudden okay now you you’re all working with me or you’re you’re on your own right you’re now walmart or you’re nothing right i’m just using as as an example but that’s basically the concept that i’ve seen work very successfully um regardless of power quote-unquote third-party metric power as long as it’s on point and it’s relevant you’re just adding to the overall power the overall authority of your domain any small fish that i can snap up and make mine bigger that works .

so um hopefully that helps you out but if you if you’re not utilizing that like you know if you’re not using the strategy like that um then just buying a highly relevant high powered link to the site is probably a better bet it’s cheaper it’s easier takes less work you don’t have to think about it but hopefully that helps you um how long does it take you know generally within 60 days you can get stuff seen index and get the traffic back on point .

so when you get your domain i like to launch it 45 60 days really see where it’s going to recover wherever it recovers and and google starts rewarding me with traffic then i know what google thinks the site is about as long as i’m getting re-rewarded with traffic and depending on what type of traffic i’m being rewarded with is going to determine then if i 301 the entire domain or just utilize it as part of the network all right .

so um what time of backlinks will you suggest for a site that is two months old in an apk niche .

so regardless of of the niche you know as you’re launching pages as you’re redesigning as you’re building your foundation or introducing your employees or workers or va’s press releases are always good if you’re going or targeting any type of citation or market then directories or citations are always good branded web 2.0 is at a small scale those are good high quality niche specific niche edits those are great um but for that type of site or pretty much any site i’m looking for mass quantities of press um any type of pr type links where it’s just announcements and branding you know directories and and citations and then more notably i like to have niche edits where it’s pages that have traffic that are already about my topic you know i don’t like fresh guest posts i’m not a fan never have been um i’m more of a niche edit type of uh per.

son um but that’s me all right .

so i’m i’m not at my hour i’m way over what i i wanted to do but that’s okay i’m glad to help you and um it’s always my pleasure guys gals too you know if if even if you don’t get the training what i showed you in the very beginning it does work just be very mindful about where you place that unverified just be mindful don’t go out and create a bunch of them don’t have it attached to your gmail account be mindful of what you’re doing all right um other than that have a wonderful day be careful have fun of course enjoy your families enjoy your friends i’ll see you all in the next one if you need anything at all all right if you need help with anything please head over to chris palmer marketing all right um you’ll see it it’s on every single page it follows you around on the pages in the bottom right hand corner if you need help with anything all right i’m currently building out the rest of this as you can see here i’m building out all my services um i’m trying to get really get farther away from client work more and more um .

some of the clients that i have i can’t get away from i’m always going to have them um but i want to move more to services as i’ve you know spoke about for a long time things take time though um i’ve been talking about that for a year i think i’m i think i’m at that point though finally uh but if you need any help with anything i’m always always always you know it might slightly go up but no matter what i always want to be able to help the plumber the the lawyer the doctor the the pet groomer whatever i want to be able to help you .

so if you need help for a fair price reach out to me i’ll be happy to help you pick a date pick a time i’m very very fair it’s been a pleasure thank you all .

so if you have questions go to the facebook group that’s chris palmer seo that’s forward slash groups forward slash chris palmer seo you have questions ask it in there i will get to it if you don’t want to wait put it in the comments i answer every single question that comes into my comment section ask if you need more of a per.

sonal approach reach out i’ll be happy to look at anything you want walk you through anything i’m fair i’ll go over time i’ll go out of my way to help you trust me.

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