Spam Score: What is it and how is it Managing?

A Guide to Managing Spam Score : Welcome friends, in another new article in which we will talk about What is Spam Score?, how spam score increases and how to reduce spam score.

Many times it happens that we create Backlink from such a website which is Spamy and their Reputation is not right in the eyes of Google. When links to our website are made on such a website, then the Spam Score of our website increases.

Increasing Spam Score has a negative effect in the ranking of the website, if the spam score of your website has also increased, then read this article till the end. After reading this article, you can easily reduce the spam score of your website. So let’s start this article without any delay.

What is Spam Score?

Spam score is a rating given by Moz just like Domain Authority and Page Authority, which shows that any website is spammy. The higher the Spam Score of a website, the more spammy that website is.

Spam Score was created by Moz company in the year 2015. Moz has 27 signals by which it determines the Spam Score of any website. Moz has also told about all these signals.

Moz gives websites a spam score ranging from 1 to 100 percent in which –

  1. Spam Score from 1 to 30 percent is considered a low spam score.
  2. Spam Score from 31 to 60 percent is considered as medium spam score.
  3. And more than 61 percent Spam Score is considered as High Spam Score.

If the spam score of your website has increased a lot, then you should immediately try to reduce it, otherwise your website may also get Penalty by Google.

Perhaps now you must have understood that what is Spam Score, now let us also know about all the important things about Spam Score.

how to increase spam score?

By the way, Moz has openly told about all 27 factors from which it counts the spam score of any website, some of which are as follows –

  • presence of fewer webpages in a website
  • Using certain types of Top Level Domains (.info, .stream, .win, .biz).
  • If the domain name is too long or too short, Moz gives a higher spam score to that website.
  • Containing a number in the domain name.
  • Absence of phone number or email address in the website.
  • Website not linked to Linkedin.
  • Absence of SSL Certificate in the website.
  • Having less visits to the website.
  • Absence of Favicon.
  • Having too much or too little backlink according to the content in the website.
  • Creating many backlinks from less Referring Domain.
  • The ratio of Internal Link and External Link is not correct. Means having more external links in the website than internal links.
    Meta title, keywords and description too long.

There are 27 similar factors by which Moz gives spam score to any website. But many of these points are such that they are completely incomprehensible.

By the way, the main reason for increasing spam score is when the link of your website is made on many high spam score websites. If you check the complete authority of the website before making Backlink, then the chances of increasing your Spam Score are reduced at all.

Disadvantages of increasing Spam Score

Following are some of the disadvantages of increasing the Spam Score of the website –

  1. The ranking of the website can be down in the search engine.
  2. Google or other search engines can penalize the website.
  3. The authority of the website also decreases as the spam score increases.

Check Spam Score

The easiest way to check Spam Score is –

  1. You install Moz’s extension MozBar in your Chrome browser,
  2. And signup with Gmail ID.
  3. You will get MozBar Show in the extension at the top.
  4. When you open the website in the browser, you will see Spam Score with DA, PA in a black bar at the top.

As well as, you will find many tools online through which you can also check the spam score of your website. Websiteseochecker is the best tool through which you can check Spam Score of your website.

How to Remove Bad/spammy Backlinks?

If you want to reduce Spam Score, then for that you have to find all Spamy Backlink first. To find Spamy Backlink, you follow the process mentioned below –

  • Step 1 – First of all sign up through Gmail in Moz website.
  • Step 2 – After this, you have to click on Free SEO Tool at the top and click on Link Explorer.
  • Step 3 – Now you have to click on the option with Left Side Spam Score, and enter the URL of your website and click on Analyze.

Spamy backlink

  • Step 4 – You will also see Spam Score here, at the bottom you will see the list of Spamy backlinks. You create a txt file of backlink with High Spam Score.

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How To Reduce The Spam Score Of A Website?

The tool you will need to reduce Spam Score is Google Disavow Tool, with the help of which you can easily reduce the spam score of your website.

Google Disavow Tool

Follow the steps given below to reduce the Spam Score of the website –

  • Step 1 – First of all open the Google Disavow Tool with the Gmail ID of your search console.
  • Step 2 – After this, select the website whose Spam Score you want to reduce.
  • Step 3 – Click on Upload Disavow List below.
  • Step 4 – Now upload the .txt file you created for Spamy backlink.
  • Step 5 – After this wait for a few days and check the Spam Score of your website again. You will find that the spam score of your website has reduced completely.

So friends, you can reduce the Spam Score of your website in this way.


If the Spam Score of your website is in Red Zone or Yellow Zone, which means that it is more than 30 percent, then you will have to make efforts to reduce it immediately, otherwise your website may have to face Penalty.

I hope friends, this article what is spam score and how to reduce it and must have been beneficial for you. After reading this article, you too must have reduced the spam score of your website. If you are facing any problem in reducing spam score, then you can tell me by mail or in Comment Box, I will definitely help you.

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