what are guest posts? A Short and Simple Guide in 2022

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what are guest posts? [All information about guest post]

When our blog is new, then not many people know about it. To tell people about our blog, we write a post on a popular website so that the readers of that website know about our website and they start visiting our website. In blogging, this work is called “guest posting“.

There are two benefits to us by guest posting-

1. First of all, many people get to know about our website, which starts building our readership.

2. Apart from this, our website also gets a backlink, which is very important to rank well in Google.

Hence guest post is very beneficial for new websites.

2). Guest Posting: How & Why You Should Be Doing It?

Guest posting is a good opportunity for blogs that are just starting out.

Google does not rank new websites high in its search for many months because they do not trust them.

But if an old website gives links to new websites in itself, then it helps a lot in ranking the new website in Google because Google already has trust on the old website and the same trust gets transferred to the new website.

That’s why guest posting is very beneficial for blogs, especially for new blogs!

Guest Posting Benefits

If you guest post on a large and established site, then your site benefits a lot. Some of the major benefits of which are as follows-

  1. By guest posting, your website gets a backlink, which increases the trust of Google on your site, which increases the ranking position of your site in Google.
  2. Guest post also includes a little information about the author i.e. you so that if people like your article then they can know about you.
  3. Guest posting puts you in the eye of the audience of other big sites, which benefits you a lot.

3). How to Write Guest Posts That Drive Traffic to Your Website:

  • You can also write guest posts in the same way as you write posts on your blog.
  • You should avoid promoting your blog, product or services in guest posts as much as possible.
  • Guest posts should not be too long and should be written in an interesting manner.

Keep these things in mind when writing a guest post (Things To Remember):

When you are writing guest posts for other blogs, there are some things that you should keep in mind so that your guest post is published by another blog and not rejected by it.

Because I am also a blogger and often many people send guest posts to me but only few of them are such posts which get published on this blog. So you must take care of these things-

  1. The post should not be too short. Must be at least 1000+ words.
  2. The article has not been copied content from any webiste/blog or anywhere.
  3. The post should not be too long.
  4. The formatting of the post is done well.
  5. Apart from text, the post must also include images and other media.

How to submit a guest post for a blog?

  • To do guest posting, first of all you have to find those websites which write content similar to yours and their Domain Authority is very good.
  • Then you have to find their email address by going to their contact us page or by any other means.
  • Now you have to mail them regarding the guest post and tell them that you often read their blog which
  • you find very amazing and you also wish to publish an article on their blog.
  • After this, you have to add the file of your article with the email and send them.
  • In this way, there are high chances that your guest post will be published on their blog.

Where can I find a list of free guest post websites?

Today there are more than 1 billion sites in the world, most of which get very little traffic and they give you the opportunity to publish guest post for free and at the same time accept your post soon.

Here’s how to find sites that accept free guest posts.

  1. To find the sites that take free guest posts, first you have to go to Google and search by typing “Free Guest Post Sites” and then go to the websites that open and mail them on the given email.
  2. Apart from this, you can also find guest post opportunities with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can join facebook group of blogging and contact people for guest post in them.
  3. Apart from this, you can also mail by visiting the websites given in them and send your guest post to them.

GUEST POST CONCLUSION: what are guest posts?

what are guest posts? – Your website gets a lot of benefit by guest posting, due to which it starts ranking in Google and starts appearing in the eyes of the people. Therefore, use guest posts for the benefit of your blog.

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